What is REFINE?

The REFINE Curriculum is an educational resource for anyone training to become a Wedding Planner or seeking to refine their current skills and business strategy. REFINE is designed to empower the best version of yourself within your own brand. 


It's proven. Backed by 11K wedding professionals and with a community of over 3K wedding planners from across the world, the REFINE Curriculum has birthed an entire community. Better yet, REFINE covers all of your bases- in ONE place. 

How does REFINE work? 

The REFINE Curriculum is available through a self-learning video course, group coaching or personal coaching. When applied correctly, the end result is a business with systems and procedures allowing for work-life balance and better profits. 

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Drowning in your cherry picked podcasts, webinars and blogs? The REFINE Curriculum has everything you need under one roof.


Attract clients you love.

Achieve work-life balance.

Make an actual profit.

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the refine course for wedding planners