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Stop guessing.

Stop wasting time and money.

The only thing holding you back from having boundaries and clients that respect you is a click of a button. 

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This is absolutely the best resource I have seen. I have looked all over for something that is clear, comprehensive and real.
— Dani Vargas


Must have responses to hard to answer emails.

It's time to be efficient! Why type responses for the same questions over and over? Also, can we talk about how tricky some replies can be when clients just don't get it? Or what about those vendors that fill your inbox with requests for coffee dates?

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Again, efficiency, efficiency, efficiency! When it comes time to tying the bow on a wedding in those last few weeks, make it easy on yourself with these well considered vendor touch points. 

New Inquiry by a Prospective ClientFollow Up to an MIA InquiryLow Budget InquiryInquiry Found Another PlannerTurning Down the Wrong FitUp-selling Outside of the Scope of Current Service InterestOnboarding a New Cli.png


It was never lost on me that having a process would make my life easier. But the idea of creating a wedding planning process was overwhelming. After investing in business coaching myself, it all came together in a succinct way. This kit is designed to help you fast track the creation of your own wedding planning process!

*Miniature version of this kit offered as the Final Document Prep Kit below.

wedding planning process


Why do the work when your client can do it for you?

With my templates, the clients are filling in the final docs from the very beginning. 

This process ensures all questions are asked and it blocks "amnesia brides" - you know, the ones that forget the directives they gave you and then blame you for things they think went wrong. This kit is your CYA handbook. 

*All of these documents are included in the Wedding Planning Process Kit as well.

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how to educate wedding clients


We all know educating our clients is critical but coming up with content ideas can be a roadblock for most and it derails consistency, which is part of the formula for success. I’ve made this list to give you a content outline!

Examples of topic ideas include:

  • How to manage wedding day anxiety

  • Things vendors wish clients knew

  • How to fire a wedding attendant

  • The difference between a coordinator, planner and designer

  • DIY do’s and don’ts

  • How to manage family opinions

  • Why vendor meals matter

  • Budget pitfalls to consider

I cover self care, vendor relations, ways for you to share about your company mission and policies, care for their relationship and so much more!

These ideas can be used for blogs, Youtube, IG Stories, IG TV, social media captions or even information for your welcome kit!

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