Personal Coaching is the most impactful way to grow and learn. It cuts years of trial and error and saves thousands of dollars in costly mistakes. 

If you're wanting:

  • a business that works for itself

  • to pick and choose your clients

  • feel confident about your pricing

  • to have work-life boundaries

You're in the right place!

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...that I made to a recent member of the REFINE Community allowed her the confidence she needed to up-sell a client from her smallest package to her largest package! More than offsetting the cost of coaching. 

One Week Schedule: $1500

All sessions are booked in the same week, usually with at least a one day break to allow for deeper thought and processing. This schedule is best suited for someone on a time crunch for any reason. 

6 Week Schedule: $1200 

Once a week for 75 minutes for 6 weeks. I find this schedule to be the most beneficial due to the ability to process and practice between each session, creating questions you might not discover if doing a condensed schedule without application. 

Personal Coaching includes the Wedding Planning

Process Kit + a promo code for 15% off additional kits. 

Actually interested...

"Amber took the time to sit down with me and share knowledge, friendship and experience to help me understand the market. She is honest and has an actual interest in making my business thrive. She is the epitome of building community over competition."

— Cassie Crudo, Bride's Best Friend

A way with words...

"I can always count on Amber to help with wording in tough situations. Her way with words is a comfort as she balances educating a client with empathy. ”

— Jennifer Ashford, Altar Ego Weddings

Practical advice...

"Amber has a lot of sage and practical advice. She is very open and willing to help newer planners. She was very transparent regarding policies that worked well and ones that didn't. She even shared a fantastic template for a timeline that I still use to this day! She is a wonderful mentor and leader!" 

— Kierstin Shupack, Lovely Day Events