Thank you!

I'm blown away at the mercies REFINE has brought to my family and want to thank you all for believing in me.

amber anderson educator

The Black Friday sale produced what is typically 2-3 months of income for me.

In one week.

I can't express to you what a blessing it is to have reached this point in my career. And perhaps money talks should be private but I wanted to share for two reasons:

Mainly, I want you to have a true appreciation for the depth of my gratitude.

But I also want to show you the impact of education and investments.

I make large investments in my business(es) each year and with them, I see far greater return.

Refine is focused on new, aspiring planners in the 0-4 year range of business. Or those at a fork in the road of moving forward or closing. I'm grateful to have seasoned planners in this group that are willing to share and mentor alongside me because community over competition is everything.

That being said, I would have given anything for a group like Refine in my first year or two of business and not to toot my own horn here, but newer planners- if you hear one thing, hear this...... do not take this community for granted. It's unique! I’ve searched high and low for anything remotely close to it - there isn’t one community like this exclusively for planners (that I can find), especially for free. You should be proud to be here!

If you're a regular reader but aren't involved, I encourage you to dive in. The friends I have made through Refine are such lifelines (and part of how I even came to take over Refine in May). All from engaging in simple conversation.

Make a name for yourself here. Become known, grow, give and thrive.

And one day, you'll be crying with another Refiner over her adoption journey, sending condolences to someone going through a divorce or loss of a loved one- or, receiving those sentiments from your friends here. You’ll be pushed, championed and held accountable for your next steps. And you'll be introduced to really big and important people. You'll have Sasha Souza liking your social media content. You'll have eyes in the market that will tell you when someone is stealing your content. You'll be brought into Masterminds. You will go places. Even if that place is like mine- sitting on the couch in your PJs or dirty gym clothes, with nothing about your appearance being professional, making more money than your old corporate America job, watching your dream come to life in complete comfort.

My cup runneth over,

amber anderson wedding planner coach