Checking on Your Client's Emotional Well-Being (it benefits YOU)

Are you asking your clients how they are doing. Like a genuine "HOW ARRRRRE YOOOUUU?"

Planning a wedding is quite a season in life and it's no wonder so many (normal) clients have meltdowns or go completely MIA.

I noticed that I was able to get in front of this when I started applying emotional check points to my process. It's one thing to pop in and ask how wedding planning is coming, it's an entirely different level of service to ask about one's heart and headspace. It doesn't take much time and it has afforded me the opportunity to re-direct things more than once, which I believe, has avoided some meltdowns. 

Sometimes, clients reply feeling safe to raise their hand about a vendor. Sometimes they have feedback on a tool that isn't working well for them. Other times they share that grandma passed and they are just struggling. 

I'm especially mindful about this simple approach when I sense something is off. Like when they seem edgy, are dragging their feet or are being indecisive and wishy washy. 

Being emotionally available to a client establishes trust and connectivity and one reason that benefits you is that when something does go wrong, they are less likely to snap at you. They will identify you as a human that cares about them and has genuinely given this process your best effort. 

Give it a try! If you have, share your story below and encourage the skeptics.