amber anderson wedding planner coach

Does anyone really read these? I just kind of skim. #honestmoment.

For your skimming pleasure, I'll keep it easy. I often say that bullet points are my BFF so let's use 'em! 

  • Owner of REFINE // coach, speaker, writer

  • 10 years professionally conducting weddings and events

  • Founder / Owner Heavenly Day Events

  • Co-Founder and former Board Member- Associated Wedding Planners of Austin

  • Lead Planner for The Knot Vendor Mixer, Austin 2018

  • Former Spousal Forum Member of Entrepreneurs Organization, Austin Chapter 2013-2016

  • Wife

  • Mom <- if I can do this, I can do ANYthing

I also like tacos and tequila, tie-dye (like the watercolor adult-looking kind), spontaneous dates with my husband (real ones, where we play and do stuff - not the fancy sit across from each other at the table kind) and day dreaming. 

Living in Austin, Texas, my options for politics, music, food and entertainment are endless. But truth be told, I'm anything but a city girl and do my best to make it outside the city limits as much as possible. 

All said and done, I'm an everyday gal and I tend to say what everyone else is thinking but no one is willing to say!